Toplantı alanı hesap makinesi

Toplantı/konferans odanıza kaç katılımcı/kişinin sığacağını belirlemek veya katılımcı sayınıza göre ne boyutta bir odaya ihtiyacınız olduğunu belirlemek için hesap makinesini kullanın.

Bir Oda Yerleşim Düzeni Tipi Seçin:

Banket - 5'
Banket - 6'
Toplantı Odası
Hilal Şeklinde Masa Yerleşimi
Kare Şeklinde Yerleşim
Kongre - 8x10
Kongre - 10x10
Kayıt Masası

2. Aşağıdaki kutuları kullanarak oda büyüklüğünü ve kullanacak insanları hesaplayın:

Ne büyüklükte bir odaya ihtiyacım var?
Min. Oda Büyüklüğü = (metrekare)
En fazla kaç kişi sığabilir?Kaç adet stand sığdırabilirim?
Kişi sayısı:Stand sayısı: =

3. Toplantı alanı rezerve etmeye gerek var mı? Anında oda kiralama fiyatı için Toplantı Alanı Arama seçeneğimizi deneyin.

Toplantı Alanı Ara VEYA Konaklama için de odalara ihtiyacım var

Find the Perfect Layout for Your Next Corporate Event or Conference

Our tool above will easily show how many people will fit in a conference or banquet room. Planning and implementing any type of corporate event can be a daunting task. It takes skillful time management, detailed organization, and the right kind of professional expertise to create and run a successful business meeting, conference, or convention.

When it comes to planning a corporate event, be prepared for any seen and unforeseen circumstances. Create an agenda and list of priorities before selecting and negotiating a meeting space rental. Important questions event planners must ask themselves: 1. What are your event goals and objectives? 2. What are your must-haves for your corporate event? 3. What type of meeting space would best fit the tone and size of the event?

First, determine the elements. Details are important when it comes to event planning and all of those pieces, big or small, are what makes or hinders a great event. Also, be sure to establish set dates, determine a budget and negotiate a deal for venues and hotels, and coordinate and confirm an event agenda. Secondly, establish the essentials. What can this event space not live without whether that be ample space, catering, lighting, media, etc. An important and vital step is to research the venue and the hotel in person. Pictures can only catch a glimpse and not the overall scale and impression of visiting the site and making sure that it is the perfect layout for your event. Thirdly, create an inviting energy. Attendees notices anything and everything at events. Every aspect from the venue and location to the mood and layout is seen, experiences, and heard by all. Turning a good meeting or convention into a great, memorable experience is about creating a welcoming, positive environment that people want to engage themselves with.

Planning the best corporate event takes great timing, accuracy, and execution. Overall, you can never be too organized.

Conferences, business meetings, and conventions are the most popular and important events whether it's academic, medical, or business related. Meeting room set-ups are an important of the planning process. Both the meeting space and the design ultimately compliment your agenda when it comes towards providing the comfort and movement necessary to have a successful event. Make sure to inquire with the hotel and venue whether there are additional fees for special room set-ups or room set-up changes. If so, plan your budget accordingly. It also doesn't hurt to also try and negotiate the fees down especially if you are also booking hotel rooms at the property.

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